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About us

Odara offers women the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and socially.

We run a wide range of workshops created by, and tailored exclusively for women. We’ve listened to you and come up with range of workshops which address your needs and concerns.

Our workshops cover the following topics, so we’re sure you’ll find something that appeals directly to you

  • Women’s wellbeing
  • Personal development
  • Educational development
  • Social development

In addition we also offer a wide range of health and sport activities to keep you fit as well.

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Odara is fundraising towards

Help fund Shanu's cancer treatment

Shano 58, is in her last stages of Pancreas cancer and is unable to fund her own treatment. She is living a poverty stricken life in Pakistan. Shano is a widow and works as a cleaner to earn a living however due to her illness she is struggling to work ...

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