Help fund Shanu's cancer treatment

Help fund Shanu's cancer treatment



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Shano 58, is in her last stages of Pancreas cancer and is unable to fund her own treatment. She is living a poverty stricken life in Pakistan. Shano is a widow and works as a cleaner to earn a living however due to her illness she is struggling to work.

One in three Pakistanis lives below the poverty line. Of these 74% live on less than £1 a day and 17% live on less than 60p a day. People like Shanu are left suffering because they simply cannot afford treatment.  

We, at ODARA would like to support Shanu to receive the appropriate treatment and ensure she is content for the last period of her life. 

ODARA strives to support women with all aspects of life, including their health and wellbeing. We feel it is essential  for women to understand the importance of taking care of themselves.  

By supporting Shanu's campaign, you will be not only be funding her treatment but also instilling hope within her and relieving her from the added stress of not being able to afford her treatment.

We would be greatful at ODARA for any support we recieve to do this for Shanu. It would mean a lot to us and even more to Shanu.

Please donate £10 to support Shanu and receive a complimentary access pass to ODARA's gym and spa as a thank you for your contribution. 

Peace and blessings




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